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Journey of glories with moral practices, we committed to educate management talents with leadership for  the society.
Full of passionate dedications, we formed an innovation climate in mind and spirit at the school.
For the past fruitful 40 years of achievements, we really appreciate the unwavering support from students, faculty members, alumni and corporate partners!

The history of the school can be traced back to the Teaching and Research Department of Metallurgical Economics and Enterprise Organization of Beijing University of Iron and Steel Technology in the early 50s of last century.  After half a century, with several generations of faculty and students’ joint efforts, the school has developed into a management education and research institution with considerable level and scale, which has an essential influence both at home and abroad.

The school has a full range of disciplines, first-rate quality of teaching and research environment, excellent faculty and a high level of internationalization. Since reform and opening up, the school has cultivated nearly 10,000 graduates who are playing  important roles in the economic and social development. Many of them have already become academic leaders, business management elites and senior managers of the government.

The school is committed to cultivating innovative talents and developing frontier knowledge in the academic field of management and economy in order to provide a high quality services for relevant industries and society. Today, with the economic globalization, China’s reform, opening up, and economic and social development, our school is striding forward to the goal of establishing an international first-rate school.

Welcome to join us, think out loud, and unleash your great ability and tremendous potential with us, for a bold future to contribute your talent to the progress of the whole society!  

Professor  Wei Gu 
Dean of School of Economics  and Management